A Scottsdale man has launched the first steps to putting an initiative repealing Arizona's gay marriage ban on the 2014 ballot.

Tanner Pritts, a 22-year-old registered Republican who voted for Mitt Romney, has formed Arizona Advocates for Marriage Equality, a group which will advocate for repeal of the state's 2008 voter-approved constitutional amendment defining marriage as a heterosexual union. The measure won with an overwhelming approval, 56% to 43%.

According to Capital Media Services, Pritts has already filed paperwork with the state to begin his campaign.

Pritts said he was buoyed by marriage equality wins in four states where it was on the ballot.

“Obviously, we believe the demographics of the nation are changing,” he said. “We feel that Arizona is, too. And we think we have a shot.”

To qualify for the ballot, Pritts needs to gather more than a quarter million valid signatures by July of 2014.

According to a May, 2012 Public Policy Polling survey, 39 percent of Arizona voters believe gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to legally marry, while 38 percent said they should be allowed to form civil unions but not marry. Twenty-one percent of respondents said there should be no legal recognition of a gay couple's relationship.