A Baptist church's message has people in Trenton, Georgia talking.

Calvary Baptist Church's marquee sign read after the general election: “ELECTION / GAYS WIN / UNBORN LOST.”

President Barack Obama, who won a second term on that night, is a gay rights ally and is pro-choice.

According to NBC affiliate WRCB, Pastor Billy Wallace would not speak to them about the sign.

“That's not right,” Fredia Hoffman said. “That's your opinion. You need to keep it to yourself, instead of sticking it out here for everyone to read. There's going to be a lot of differences in people's opinions and how they feel about that.”

Kathy Everett disagreed, saying the sign was truth.

“It's true, and it is what it is,” she said. “I'm proud to see someone stand up and believe what it is.”

Clay Moreland, pastor at Woodlawn Baptist Church of Trenton, commented to The Christian Post about the sign's message.

“The truth will stand and people don't like the truth,” he said, adding that the election results were “another sign that Jesus is coming soon.”

Eddie Cantrell, senior pastor at Trenton First Baptist Church, said the sign was “not something I would do.”

“I do not believe that any sign will convert a person,” he said.