A UK man was demoted over comments he made on Facebook against gay marriage.

A 2011 BBC story on the British government's plans to extend marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples prompted Adrian Smith, 55, to comment on the issue.

Smith described it as “an equality too far.”

“I don't understand why people who have no faith and don't believe in Christ want to get hitched in a church … the Bible is quite specific that marriage is for men and women. ...”

Smith's comments were not visible to the general public and were posted on his own time.

His employer of nearly 20 years, Trafford Housing Trust (THT), demoted Smith from manager to rent collector and his salary was cut by 40 percent, the BBC reported.

On Friday, Smith won a breach of contract action against his employer in which he claimed that THT acted unlawfully in demoting him.

“Something has poisoned the atmosphere in Britain, where an honest man like me can be punished for making perfectly polite remarks about the importance of marriage,” Smith said in a statement. “I am fearful that, if marriage is redefined, there will be more cases like mine – and if the law of marriage changes people like me may not win in court.”

The court awarded Smith approximately $158.

THT officials have not said whether Smith can have his old job back.