Eureka Spring on Monday approved a resolution in favor of gay marriage, making it the first Arkansas city to do so.

According to the Lovely County Citizen, the resolution passed 4-0-1 with one City Council member voting “present.”

Two long-time residents, Michael Walsh and Lamont Richie, initiated the resolution.

“It has been in the works for a couple of months,” Richie said. “San Antonio had passed a similar resolution, and we approached Aldermen Lany Ballance and James DeVito, who were happy to sponsor it to the council.”

Richie spoke at length on the resolution during the meeting, arguing that “someone else's religious belief” should not deny him and his partner of 28 years the “choice to enter into a legal relationship that automatically carries with it such benefits as survivorship rights.”

Eureka Springs is the only city in Arkansas to create a Domestic Partnership Registry.