Fox News ignored the historic significance of Wisconsin Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin's win and devoted a single segment to gay marriage wins at the ballot box.

According to Media Matters for America, conservative Fox News, whose motto is “fair and balanced,” mostly ignored the gay community's historic November 6 gains.

On Election Night, Fox News reported Baldwin's win but failed to mention that she is the nation's first openly gay senator. CNN devoted 2 segments to Baldwin, and MSNBC mentioned her race 13 times.

Fox News also under-reported marriage equality wins, which included voters in three states, Maine, Maryland and Washington state, legalizing the institution and Minnesotans rejecting an effort to ban it.

Between November 6 and November 9, Fox News devoted one segment to the topic and made 9 mentions.

CNN, on the other hand, devoted two segments to the topic and MSNBC broadcast four. CNN made 16 mentions, while MSNBC had 19.

Fox News' single marriage equality mention was on the Fox Report with Shepard Smith.

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