An openly gay member of the Maryland House of Delegates is considering a run for governor.

Heather Mizeur, whose personal appeals to colleagues is given partial credit for passage of a gay marriage bill earlier this year, told gay weekly the Washington Blade that she is seriously considering a run in 2014.

“I'm taking a very serious look at it,” Mizeur told the paper. “I can't say for sure what 2014 is going to bring but … I know that I would make a good chief executive. I have good ideas for keeping Maryland moving forward.”

Voters on November 6 upheld the marriage law approved by lawmakers.

“Right now we're taking stock of what happened in the last election,” the 40-year-old Democrat added. “It was incredible to see a big win with Tammy Baldwin being elected the first openly gay senator and Kyrsten Sinema making history in Congress [as the first openly bisexual member]. It really has inspired us to keep pushing forward. So, yes, I'm seriously considering running for governor because we need more diverse voices at that level of government.”