The Catholic League's Bill Donahue on Wednesday said the Roman Catholic Church won't change its opposition to gay marriage.

In remarks to the Christian group Focus on the Family, Donahue, the anti-defamation group's president, compared the church's position on marriage equality to those it holds on slavery, racism and genocide.

“The Catholic Church is not going to change its position on gay marriage any more than it's going to change its position on slavery or racism or genocide,” Donahue said. “These are fixed principles that are there, and those people who are in the Catholic ranks who keep thinking that the Catholic Church may want to change now because the country seems toward gay marriage – really, they're in the wrong religion. And I think it's time that our society has to reset its moral compass and think these thing through.”

Donahue's remarks come a week after supporters of marriage equality won four state ballot measures, breaking opponents' 30-race winning streak.

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