Minnesota Senator Al Franken has been accused of promoting sodomy and homosexuality in pubic schools.

Appearing on City on a Hill Radio, former Navy chaplain turned Religious Right activist Gordon Klingenschmitt attacked Franken for sponsoring the Student Non-Discrimination Act, an anti-bullying bill.

“Al Franken should not be in the U.S. Senate,” Klingenschmitt said. “But anyway he's promoting what they call, it's misnamed, the 'Safe Schools Bill' which really is a 'Sodomite Schools Bill.' He's trying to recruit and enforce homosexual education standards upon all fifty states to require that teachers facilitate what they call tolerance of sodomy, of sin, in the public school classroom. They want to teach children, not just in health education classes but as young as kindergarten, as young as first grade, that homosexuality is really not a sin, that it's okay, that we should be tolerant, and if the teachers don't teach those lectures they would lose their public school funding. So this is already a bill that's gaining steam in the United States Senate. I think he has forty-two cosponsors who are U.S. Senators who are trying to homosexualize our schools. And we are demanding, in fact we are petitioning Congress and sending faxes after faxes, to stop the homosexual agenda and kill the Al Franken bill that would promote sodomy in our public school systems.”