Mike Huckabee has rejected comedian Jon Stewart's assertion that the Biblical model of marriage is polygamy.

The 57-year-old Huckabee appeared on Stewart's Daily Show faux news program to pitch his new book Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett: A Grandfather's thoughts on Faith, Family and the Things That Matter Most.

Stewart played a Huckabee-narrated ad in which the former governor turned Fox News host warned Christians that they would be “tested” if they did not oppose abortion and gay marriage at the ballot box. The ad included imagery of a blacksmith putting metal in a forge.

“Are you saying that if you vote for the Democrats, you're going to Hell?” Stewart asked.

“No!” Huckabee responded.

“It sure looked like Hell,” Stewart said.

Huckabee insisted that the ad simply reminded Christians that their works would be put to the test of fire.

“But you narrowed your works to two things: pro life or anti-gay marriage,” Stewart noted.

“I'm not anti-gay marriage,” Huckabee asserted. “There's a difference between anti something and if you're for something.”

“What are you for?”

“I'm for the idea that marriage is that which is a Biblical model ...”

“The Biblical model is polygamy,” Stewart interrupted.

“No, Jon. The Biblical model: Adam and Eve. Polygamy came much later than that and later was repudiated.”

“So the people in the Bible redefined [marriage]?” Stewart asked.

(Watch the entire segment at Comedy Central.)