Cabler Sundance Channel is developing a transgender drama simply titled T.

The network announced T as part of its upcoming 2013-2014 slate of original scripted series.

“A deeply personal look at Terrence, a transgender male who has recently undergone gender reassignment surgery and is beginning to live life as a man,” the network said of the drama in a press release. “Series cuts between Terrence's emotional struggle in the present and his past as Thora – a lesbian, student activist at Mt. Holyoke College circa 2005 struggling to find her true self.”

The show is written by Dan Futterman, who played Will's (played by Eric McCormack) boyfriend in a four-episode story arc on the NBC series Will & Grace and whose screenplay for Capote received an Oscar nomination, and his wife, In Treatment producer Anya Epstein. This American Life's Ira Glass and Alissa Shipp will produce.

T is one of five original series in development at the AMC-owned Sundance Channel.

“These projects tell dynamic and visceral emotional stories that draw on the best characters of our independent film roots, namely new kinds of narratives that surprise you and unapologetically raw characters who feel unlike anything you've ever seen before,” said Sundance Channel General Manager Sarah Barnett.