Jayme Mathias made history on Tuesday when he became the first openly gay Austin school board member.

According to ABC affiliate KVUE, voters learned that Mathias is gay through a news story published on Thursday, upsetting some voters who claim the former Roman Catholic priest – now in the American Catholic Church – deceived them.

“I thought that serving on the school board was all about serving our students and their families,” the District 2 trustee-elect told the network.

Being gay “is something that I didn't feel the need to reveal. It's part of who I am, an important part of who I am, but it's not all of who I am.”

Just 104 votes separated Mathias and his rival, Sam Guzman.

Frances Martinez said it was a “question of honesty.”

“He could have been honest to us. What else is there for us to know,” she said.

“I think parents should have the right to know,” said Larry Amaro, who is calling for a recount. “Because it will sway an election.”

Mathias' Facebook page includes many supportive comments.

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