Gay marriage foe Rev. Derrick McCoy believes Maryland voters were deceived into voting for Question 6, the referendum which upheld a marriage law approved by lawmakers.

The referendum, which allows the law to take effect on January 1, was approved by Maryland voters by a 52.1% to 47.9% margin.

McCoy headed opposition to passage with similar messages used in other states where the issue was on the ballot, including claims that marriage equality would hurt children and restrict religious freedom.

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In comments to The Washington Post, McCoy suggested that voters were deceived into voting for Question 6.

“I think the targeted ads toward the African-American community helped [supporters of the law] to get just enough black support to win,” he said. “Although people do not agree with same-sex marriage, they were deluged with ads about equality, which does not truthfully represent redefining marriage.”

McCoy added that he got involved in the effort because he believes in God.

“God has always believed in us, and I stood up because I believe in Him!”

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