Illinois State Rep. Greg Harris has said the climate on gay marriage “has changed in a huge way.”

In February, Harris, along with two other openly gay representatives, Deb Mell and Kelly Cassidy, introduced a bill legalizing marriage for gay and lesbian couples. He is also the primary sponsor of legislation last year which created civil unions for gay couples.

In recent interviews he has hinted that the bill could come up for a vote later this month during the General Assembly's lame duck session.

Speaking to Crain's Chicago Business, Harris said approving marriage equality legislation “is something we should be doing … The climate has changed in a huge way.”

Harris was of course referring to ballot measures in Maryland, Washington state and Maine legalizing the institution. Minnesotans also rejected a constitutional amendment banning it.

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Tuesday's votes “were very helpful,” he said. “It becomes a much better vote for legislators from suburban Cook County and the collar counties.”

Harris and Cassidy cautioned that it all “comes down to when we can get 60 [House] votes.”