Daniel Craig has dashed the hopes of James Bond fans who wish to see a gay version of British Secret Service agent 007.

Craig returns to play the womanizing character in Skyfall, the movie franchise's latest offering.

In that film, there is a hint that Bond could swing both ways. As a tied-up Bond is being interrogated by the film's villain, Raoul (Javier Bardem), the two men dance around the scene's homoerotic subtext. Raoul caresses Bond's face, and Bond teases: “What makes you think this is my first time?”

E! Online asked Craig if he could ever imagine a “gay James Bond” at Thursday night's BAFT/LA's Britannia Awards.

“No,” Craig answered. “Because he's not gay. And I don't think Javier's character is either – I think he'd fuck anything.”

Naomie Harris, who plays MI6 field agent Eve Moneypenny in Skyfall, was more open to the idea of a gay Bond.

“I think everything is open,” she said. “Everything is open. Who knows?!”