On Thursday, the day opponents of Referendum 74 conceded defeat, Dan Savage thanked straight allies for their support in approving gay marriage.

Savage is the editor of Seattle alternative The Stranger and a co-creator of the It Gets Better Project.

Passage of Referendum 74 allows a gay marriage law approved by lawmakers to take effect on December 6.

“Gays and lesbians are a tiny percentage of the population,” Savage wrote on The Slog, a The Stranger blog. “We couldn't do this on our own. A majority of the legislators who voted for same-sex marriage? Straight. The governor who signed the law making same-sex marriage legal in Washington state? Straight. The majority of the folks manning the phone banks for R-74? Straight. The overwhelming majority of people who voted to approve R-74? Straight. The president who took a huge political risk and came out for marriage equality before his reelection campaign? Straight.”

“It has gotten better for us because straight people have gotten better about us.”

“I think some sort of big organized event is called for – a party, a bash, a celebration. I think we should thank all the straight people who came through for us in a big, public way.”

“Because we couldn't have done it without them,” he added.

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