Comedian Tom Arnold plays the voice of a gay beaver in the new animated series Man Man Beaver.

In the comedy, Beaver fights for his right to marry both his male partners Thomas and Julian.

Sam Seder, the producer and host of Majority Report, plays the voice of Thomas, while Nathan Lee Graham (Zoolander, Sweet Home Alabama) plays the role of Julian.

Producers say the animated series was inspired by Rick Santorum's comments comparing gay marriage to bestiality and polygamy.

In the premiere episode, titled I'm With The Black Guy, Julian runs for mayor of Gay Street against Mitt Romney. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Man Man Beaver was co-created by Josh Sugarman and Brandon Yankowitz, the team behind the films Trophy Kids and Dear Friends, With Love.

Sugarman and Yankowitz said Man Man Beaver is “as much about supporting the struggle for equal rights across the nation as it is about being funny, fresh and subversive every single week.”