Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe on Wednesday lauded gay marriage ballot wins in four states.

Voters in Maryland, Maine and Washington state on election night approved marriage equality, and Minnesotans rejected an effort to ban it.

Kluwe, a vocal supporter of marriage equality, commented on the historic wins in an op-ed for Slate.com titled Gay Marriage Legalized! What an Amazing Day To Be an American.

“I would like to thank every single person that helped defeat the same-sex marriage ban in Minnesota, as well as every person who contributed to passing marriage-equality legislation in Maryland and Maine and (likely) Washington,” Kluwe wrote.

“Together, we made a statement that America is tired of division. America is tired of discrimination, of exclusion, and of unthinking oppression – the belief that people have to live their lives according to someone else's views rather than their own free will.”

“There is work yet to be done, but we passed an important milestone today. Ten, 15, 20 years from now, when our children ask us, 'What did you do when it came time to fight for someone else?,' we can tell them about Minnesota and Maryland and Maine, states where people finally said: Enough.”

“Enough with the hate. Enough with the bigotry. Enough with the discrimination. We are all Americans, and we are all in this together. Without each other, we have nothing.”