Democrats on Tuesday regained control of the Colorado House, giving supporters of civil unions a large boost.

Republicans held a slim 33-32 majority. All 65 seats were up for election, but only about a half dozen were competitive. Unofficial results show Democrats with at least 36 seats and possibly 38.

The win sets up the possibility of a historic first on Thursday, the day the House Democratic Caucus picks its next leader. Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino is considered the frontrunner. If elected, he would become the first openly gay member to lead the chamber.

Ferrandino is the House sponsor of a civil unions bill. Marriage is off the table in Colorado due to a 2006 constitutional amendment which bans marriage for gay couples.

The Republican-led House blocked the civil unions bill from passage after the Colorado Senate approved it at the end of the last session.

In the Senate, Senator Pat Steadman could be elected Senate President, marking a legislative first for the nation: two openly gay men leading both state legislative chambers. Steadman is the Senate sponsor of civil unions.