Cynthia Nixon believes her feisty character on Sex and the City “would rather shoot herself in the head than vote for Mitt Romney.”

Nixon, who played lawyer Miranda Hobbes for 6 seasons on the HBO dramedy, made the comment during an interview with Melony Torres of 102JamzOrlando.

“I think Miranda Hobbes would rather shoot herself in the head than vote for Mitt Romney,” she said. “Mitt Romney is so terrible on women's issues.”

The 46-year-old Nixon added that the show's other ladies would feel the same.

“I know that there are women who support him, and it's hard for me to understand, but certainly Miranda nor Carrie nor Charlotte nor Samantha, none of those women would ever vote for Mitt Romney. They would do something terrible first before they would ever vote for Mitt Romney,” Nixon said.

Nixon, who married her wife Christine Marinoni earlier this year, praised the president for his support for gay rights.

“You know, everybody used to say about Bill Clinton that he was the first African-American president, but I think that Barack Obama is the first gay president. My wife and I got married this May – and I know it took him a little while to get there, but the fact that he came out fully for marriage equality for all Americans – we've never had a president come anywhere close to that. And I know that if we can keep him in there for another four years, we're gonna see the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.”