New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's support for gay marriage is to blame for causing superstorm Sandy, Pastor Luke Robinson of Quinn Chapel AME Church in Frederick, Maryland claimed on Sunday.

At a rally sponsored by the Maryland Marriage Alliance, the group working to defeat passage of Question 6, which would uphold a gay marriage law approved by Maryland lawmakers, Robinson noted Bloomberg's support for the measure, which included donating $250,000 of his own money towards Question 6 and traveling to Baltimore to campaign on the issue with Governor Martin O'Malley and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

“While he was here, he got word that he needed to go back to New York because a storm was going to hit New York and he needed to go back and make preparations,” Robinson is quoted as saying by gay weekly the Washington Blade. “On October 28, a storm hit New York. And one of the things that we have discussed and learned from New York is that New York is a proud city. They never close.”

The Bible, Robinson said, “very clearly” states that “before a fall pride cometh.”

“So here was the mayor of New York giving a quarter of a million dollars, coming down to Maryland discussing the matter. While he's here somebody whispers in the ear, you better go back home and protect your stock because God is sending judgment. The thing came through the area. You have to understand the season and the time. It's almost the end of hurricane season, but God sent one of the biggest hurricanes ever.”

Robinson added that passage of Question 6 would invite similar devastation upon Maryland: “It will destroy this country as we know it.”