Ripparachie, also known as DeMarquis Oden, criticizes Mitt Romney's anti-gay rhetoric in a new video released last week.

Since its October 27 release, the video has racked up over 112,000 views on YouTube.

“Put simply, Romney will ruin the lives of gay people if elected,” Ripparachie said in a press release. “Our community is very upset that he does not support us and our constitutional right to pursue happiness via same-sex marriage. The world needs to hear our concerns before it is too late – and I am committed to standing up on behalf of every American.”

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Ripparachie, who lives in Lafayette, Indiana, came out gay in June.

“Everyone I knew always wanted to know why I was so depressed and so negative,” he explained. “It was simply because I was afraid of coming out and losing the people I called friends and family.”

“I have finally spoken the truth and want to help bring the LGBT community together to help fight for our rights.”

Ripparachie's latest album, F.A.G. (Free and Genuine), is available for download on iTunes.