Opponents of Referendum 74, which would uphold Washington state's gay marriage law, are trailing far behind supporters in terms of fundraising.

Fillings with the Public Disclosure Commission show Washington United for Marriage, the group working to approve the measure, raising $1.3 million over the past two weeks, and Preserve Marriage Washington adding $481,000 to its coffers, The Seattle Times reported.

The new figures bring Washington United's total raised during the campaign to $11.9 million, while Preserve Marriage trails with a total of $2.6 million, less than the $4 million the campaign said it expected to raise.

Chip White, a spokesman for Preserve Marriage, said the campaign had sufficient money to “get its message out.”

“Momentum is moving in our direction,” he said, referring to a recent poll showing supporting for the measure decreasing.

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Zach Silk, spokesperson for Washington United, told the paper that his campaign's expectations were always for a close race.

“We were never under the impression that we were going to create a blowout win,” he said.