Rabbi Noson Leiter has blamed the devastation of Hurricane Sandy on passage of a gay marriage law in New York.

Leiter, the executive director of the Orthodox Jewish organization Torah Jews For Decency, called Sandy “divine justice” during an appearance on Crosstalk radio.

“[T]he Great Flood in the time of Noah,” Leiter asserted, “was triggered by the recognition of same-gender marriages.”

“The Lord will not bring another flood to destroy the entire world but He could punish particular areas with a flood, and if we look at the same-gender marriage recognition movement that's occurring, that certainly is a message for us to learn,” he said.

Leiter added that Lower Manhattan caught the wrath of the storm in New York because it is “one of the national centers of homosexuality.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Torah Jews for Decency campaigned heavily against passage of New York's marriage equality law last year. The group joined others in filing an unsuccessful legal bid to overturn the law.

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