Hundreds of people on Tuesday reported receiving anonymous anti-Obama texts on their cellphones.

According to, one of the texts read, “Voting for Obama means voting for same-sex marriage.” Others include “Obama is using your tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood and abortions Is that right?” and “Obama stole $716 Billion in Medicare. We cant [sic] trust Obama to protect our seniors.”

The texts were sent from email addresses, not phones, making them difficult to trace.

Domain registrar unmasked the domains for violating their terms of service, identifying conservative activist Jason Flanary and his Virginia-based firm ccAdvertising as being behind the unsolicited texts.

Flanary, 33, in 2011 made an unsuccessful bid for Virginia's state Senate. His communications firm, ccAdvertising, lists clients such as Grover Norquist's advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform and the campaigns of several congressional Republicans.

Such texts violate FEC regulations because they do not include information on who sent them.

Flanary's firm has previously been accused of sending political spam. It has defended the practice, comparing internet-to-phone text messaging to robocalling.