Singer Melissa Etheridge says she is ready to try her luck at love again.

The 51-year-old Etheridge discussed her previous relationships during a CBS This Morning interview to promote her latest album, 4th Street Feeling.

At first referring to her two former partners as her “baby mamas,” Etheridge went on to praise Julie Cypher and Tammy Lynn Michaels as “wonderful people.” Etheridge has four children, two from each relationship.

“My two exes are really wonderful people, Julie and Tammy,” she said. “The thing that makes it doable is that the kids come first.”

“The priority is the children. … It's hard, childhood is hard no matter what. But with two households, it really takes cooperation,” she added.

“Yours and Tammy's was a little messy,” host Gayle King noted, referring to the couple's high-profile separation which included accusations from Michaels that Etheridge had left her and their children without sufficient financial support.

“It was messy,” Etheridge agreed. “But also, to her credit, she kept that outside, the kids didn't know and kids don't know. And that is most important.”

(Watch the entire segment at CBS News.)