In an ad for the group opposing Maryland's Question 6, Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk claims that allowing the gay marriage law to take effect would strip rights from Christians.

In the 1-minute spot, Birk says the law's religious exemptions are too weak because they do not cover individuals and businesses or religious groups which accept government funding.

“If the referendum is not voted down, our religious freedoms are at risk,” Birk says.

“Churches, hospitals, religious charities, private businesses and individuals all will be subject to lawsuits and harassments for openly expressing their religious beliefs.”

“Under the new law, churches, religious organizations and charities that help the government care for those in need would not be exempt and would lose their First Amendment rights. And there are no provisions protecting businesses and individuals.”

“Marylanders should not be fooled into thinking we can redefine marriage and still protect our religious liberty. Don't redefine marriage,” Birk adds. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

The ad by the Maryland Marriage Alliance was released on Saturday.

Religious leaders have led opposition to the law in Maryland.

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