The Maine campaign working for passage of Question 1, which would legalize gay marriage, raised nearly $1 million in October.

The October figure of $963,700 brings Mainers United for Marriage total for the campaign to $4.3 million, according to campaign finance reports compiled by the Morning Sentinel.

The major group working against passage of the measure, Protect Marriage Maine, had yet to file its latest report as of Friday evening.

Twelve groups are raising and spending money in support of Question 1. Some of those groups in turn gave the money raised to Mainers United.

Catholics for Marriage Equality reported raising $2,210 since October 1, while Freedom to Marry Maine PAC raised $122,804. Ken Mehlman, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) who in 2010 announced he's gay to advocate for marriage rights, donated $50,000 to Freedom to Marry Maine PAC.

Seven groups are working against passage of Question 1, including Maine 4 Marriage, which reported raising $14,070, and Maine Marriage PAC, which raised $10,435.