Tens of thousands of people on Saturday helped celebrate Taiwan's 10th annual Gay Pride parade.

The parade was colorful but also political.

“The theme this year is to fight for equal rights on marriage,” Mu Chuan, one of the event's organizers, is quoted as saying by the AFP. “Gay people are also tax-paying citizens and we demand the same basic right as any heterosexual couples.”

Revelers marched through the streets of Taipei waving signs which read “marriage” and “equal rights.”

“Even though marriage is a very personal choice, I think gay people should not be stripped of the right to choose to get married,” said Mi Feng, a software programmer.

Kongpaphop Panya, a doctor from Thailand, added: “I just want to tell the world we have the right to love equally like others.”

An estimated 65,000 people marched in the parade, which set off from the presidential office on Ketagalan Boulevard.

Celebrities taking part included Hong Kong singer Anthony Wood and singer-songwriter Matthew Lien.

Gay rights activists in Taiwan say they hope to submit a marriage equality bill to parliament next year.