Singer Adam Lambert has stated that he is voting for President Barack Obama.

The 30-year-old Lambert tweeted his endorsement of the president to his 1.7 million followers on Friday.

After messaging a link to Lena Dunham's “first time” video in support of Obama's re-election, he added: “In case I hadn't been direct, I am voting for OBAMA.”

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“Hot issues 4 me in election r Marriage Equality and a Woman's right to choose. I wish these social issues were nonpartisan, but they aren't. I just don't understand how folks would vote for a candidate and administration who's stance on Human rights is so twisted and dated. And by ignoring these issues, we are indirectly promoting ignorance and discrimination,” he said.

Lambert, who is openly gay, has become increasingly vocal about the marriage issue. At a concert to benefit Marylanders for Marriage Equality last month, he told the crowd that marriage equality was a human rights issue.

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