Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson has called on Minnesota voters to reject a proposed constitutional amendment which seeks to limit marriage to heterosexual couples.

Johnson made his plea in a statement released Tuesday.

“Just last week, a federal court in New York ruled the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional – and that was the correct decision. Denying committed couples the right to marry under the law is discrimination, plain and simple. While different faiths may choose not to perform or recognize same-sex marriage, the government has no business deciding who should be allowed to marry,” said Johnson, who served as governor of New Mexico as a Republican.

“While as a former governor, I am a staunch supporter of States' Rights, when it comes to what I firmly believe is a constitutionally protect right to equality, the states have no right to discriminate. I do not agree with President Obama that the federal government should defer to the states, allowing them to choose to deny their residents the equal right to marry.”

“I hope Minnesota voters will reject this attempt to enshrine discrimination in their state's Constitution, and urge them to reject Amendment 1.”

“As a Libertarian, I believe there is much that government does and tries to do to interfere in our personal lives that it simply has no business doing. I am proud to join with Minnesota Libertarians in taking a stand against discrimination and the idea that government should be imposing moral values on free people.”

“I also commend Minnesotans United for All Families for their leadership in opposing Amendment 1. The breadth and width of the coalition that has joined to protect equality is truly gratifying, and I am pleased to join with that coalition in this very important battle.”