Pastor Brad Brandon has accused gay marriage supporters in Minnesota of using Adolf Hitler techniques to suppress the religious freedom of opponents.

Brandon, the pastoral outreach director for Minnesota for Marriage, the group working to approve a constitutional amendment which seeks to exclude gay and lesbian couples from marriage, made the analogy at a forum last week.

Hitler “removed their voices in the public square and removed their control of their own businesses. So, he stopped Jewish people from speaking out in public and he silenced them,” Brandon said.

According to Fox's local affiliate, several people attending Brandon's presentation confronted the pastor.

“... That you not belittle the death of 6 million Jews by putting Adolf Hitler's picture and saying he took people's civil rights,” said a woman whose grandparents survived the Holocaust. “No – he was an insane murderer.”

A spokeswoman for Minnesota for Marriage said Brandon had apologized for the reference but went on to support his point.

“He's apologized and he's apologized on behalf of the campaign,” Autumn Leva said. “His point was absolutely correct; he was just using a poor analogy and an incorrect choice of words to make his religious liberties point. He's been instructed to no longer compare the loss of religious freedoms to Hitler and Nazi Germany.” (A video report is embedded on this page. Visit our library for more videos.)

Brandon has previously been quoted as saying that gay men and lesbians teach children to masturbate.