It was our own Gay Entertainment Report that brought me news of the GLAAD Media Awards in New York this week. The 19th annual event honored Barbara Walters for a 20/20 report on transgender children. Director Eytan Fox's The Bubble, a sometimes-comical-sometimes-political film that looks at Israeli-Palestine relationships through the prism of gay love, won in the outstanding film in limited release category. GLAAD Media Awards honor fair and accurate representation of GLBT people in film, television, and journalism.

I'm going to pop-in on you before Easter service and offer you a single white lily or lock you in your car, blindfolded and handcuffed with a not-so-innocent bunny rabbit. Keep reading to find out which.

Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern continued to make headlines this week. As you may recall, Kern was recorded giving an anti-gay speech to some 50 Republicans in Oklahoma City. Her remarks have caused an uproar in the gay community, some asking for an apology, others saying she should resign. But the Republican politician was having none of it and in an interview posted on the Concerned Women for America's website she makes it perfectly clear that she is not apologizing.

As if one homophobe is not enough, along comes Polish President Lech Kaczynski. In a televised speech Kaczynski warns against the dangers of adopting the European Union's new treaty and its Charter of Fundamental Rights as it could open the door for same-sex marriage in Poland. As mayor of Warsaw he had rallied against gay pride marches, refusing to grant permits.

Como se dice? Come se llama? Obama! Mariaches for Obama? Now that's something new.

Donald Trump defended himself this week from allegations that he had used an underage girl to serve drinks at a Super Bowl party for his Trump vodka. The 17-year old girl served drinks dressed in nothing but body paint. Donny T. say it ain't so.

And persistent gay rumors about REM frontman Michael Stipe can now end, as the singer has outed himself in an interview with Spin magazine. Stipe says, “I recognize that to have public figures be very open about their sexuality helps some kid somewhere out there.” Way to be Michael!

Click here to see a bunny that goes by the name of pussy.

It's Easter weekend, for me that means a hectic weekend of family gatherings. Please excuse me if I leave you a bit early to bake my cheesecake.

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