The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Minnesota's largest newspaper, is calling on voters to reject a proposed constitutional amendment which would limit marriage to heterosexual couples.

In the op-ed published over the weekend, editors called the measure anachronistic.

“For many Americans under 35, gay marriage is a nonissue, and in the not-too distant future, younger generations are likely to reject unjust antigay laws anyway,” the editors wrote.

Voters should think about their gay and lesbian friends when deciding the issue, they added.

“We'd urge voters to think about the gay or lesbian friend and coworker in the next cubicle, the nice same-sex couple down the street, or the beloved gay family member. They have the same hopes and dreams as heterosexuals, and for many that includes the desire to marry and form a family with the person they love.”

“In our hearts and souls, we Minnesotans are basically fair people who believe in human rights. That fundamental sense of humanity should lead to a 'no' vote on the marriage amendment.”

(Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune.)