John Buckland, who was sexually abused by his Boy Scouts troop leader, says the abuse led him to consider suicide.

Buckland is among the men abused by Scout leaders listed in the Boy Scouts of America's so-called “perversion files.” The files, which recently became public in the course of a civil suit against the group, reveal that the organization knew of hundreds, possibly thousands, of cases of sexual molestation. Abusers were often simply asked to resign.

During an appearance on Anderson Live!, Buckland said his abuse took place almost 30 years ago, between the ages of 12 and 14.

“The secrecy is the demon in the whole thing,” Buckland said. “For almost 30 years we were pieces of paper filed away. And for now, we finally have a voice. We're people now. And it's important to get this story out because, you know I'm not the only victim in this. There were 12 others in my case. And there's thousands of others. And it's essential that the dialogue starts so that the things with the organization can be corrected. So that people can be helped. So that generations can be changed.”

“It spiraled me into drug use and suicide attempts and you name it,” he added.

Buckland credited God for saving his life. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)