Support for gay rights in the 112th Congress has dropped over the previous two-year session.

According to the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) Congressional Scorecard for the 112th Congress, the average score for members of the House of Representatives has dropped more than 10 points, from 50.8 percent in the previous Congress to 40 percent in today's bicameral legislature.

An even more significant decline occurred in the Senate, where the average score dropped more than 22 points, from 57.3 percent in the 111th Congress to 35 percent in the 112th Congress.

HRC President Chad Griffin lamented that the 112th Congress “has more anti-equality members set on halting our progress.”

“Still, we continue pushing the envelope and made history with the first ever hearing and Senate Judiciary Committee approval of the Respect for Marriage Act, legislation repealing the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act,” Griffin said.

One-hundred-and-fifteen Democratic House members and 22 Senators received a perfect score of 100. No Republican member received a perfect score. Receiving a zero score were 211 Republican and four Democratic House members and 14 Republican senators.

After the report's Thursday release, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley tweeted: “Proud to stand for #LGBTequality and receive a 100% rating in @HRC's Congressional Scorecard.”

“I stand for #LGBTequality and earned a 100% in @HRC's Congressional Scorecard,” messaged Michigan Rep. John Conyers.

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