The group working to repeal Maryland's gay marriage law has released a television ad featuring Dr. Angela McCaskill.

McCaskill is the Gallaudet University chief diversity officer who was put on paid leave after school officials learned that she was a signatory to the petition which put the law up to a popular vote on November 6.

At a press conference, McCaskill's attorney repeatedly said that McCaskill has never publicly taken a stance on marriage equality, adding that she is not anti-gay. McCaskill said she signed the petition because she thought it was “important that as a citizen of the state of Maryland I could exercise my right to participate in the political process.”

“I am pro-democracy,” she added.

In the 30-second ad released late last week, a female narrator claims proponents of the law promised it would protect opponents.

“But it doesn't,” she says before mentioning McCaskill's plight.

“She's not alone. When marriage has been redefined elsewhere as Question 6 does, people who believe in traditional marriage have been punished.”

“We're all at risk under Question six,” she adds. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Gallaudet University has asked the Maryland Marriage Alliance to pull the ad, claiming it owns the copyrights to footage of McCaskill used in the ad.

Derek McCoy, who heads the group, has reportedly refused.