A report issued by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) concludes that the Roman Catholic Church is a top funder of campaigns opposed to gay marriage.

“Taking up where the Mormons left off in 2008, the Catholic Church – and its affiliate, the Knights of Columbus – have made considerable investments in the marriage fights in Minnesota, Maryland, Washington State and Maine this election cycle – spending at least $1.1 million to date. In addition, a close ally of the Church and past co-conspirator, the National Organization for Marriage, has spent nearly $1.4 million this cycle,” the authors wrote.

HRC estimates that marriage foes have raised roughly $4.1 million across the four states, and that the Catholic Church's contributions make up 27 percent of those donations.

“The majority of Catholics support equality for their LGBT sisters and brothers, and they do so precisely because their faith compels them to extend the same love and dignity to others with which they themselves wish to be treated,” said Dr. Sharon Groves, director of HRC's Religion and Faith program.

Catholic leaders have also strongly spoken out against marriage equality.

J. Peter Sartain, the archbishop of Seattle, warned that society would be harmed “beyond repair” if Washington voters approve Referendum 74, which would uphold the state's gay marriage law.

John C. Nienstedt, the archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis, ordered priests to get behind Minnesota's proposed gay marriage ban or remain silent.

“The Church's anti-LGBT agenda is clear, both from its giving history and the actions of American Church leaders,” NOM wrote. “The gulf between the hierarchy and laity is increasingly jarring on this issue.”