An upcoming episode of cabler Bravo's LOLwork is set to feature the cat-themed wedding of a lesbian couple.

LOLwork, which takes a look inside the world of Seattle-based animal humor site, premieres on Wednesday, November 7 at 11PM.

The 10-member cast includes Will Sharick and Tori Wadzita, both of whom are gay.

Sharick is Cheezburger's Content Supervisor. He is responsible for making sure that every cat on the site receives the respect he/she deserves.

“If he had a super power it would be x-ray vision (for dating purposes mostly),” Sharick's bio reads.

Production Manager Wadzita helps produce content for Cheezburger and runs various clients' ad campaigns for the site.

Wadzita “swears coffee is a food group, and has been drinking the stuff since 4th grade.”

In the episode titled Lesbian Cat Wedding, Sharick helps plan the wedding of a lesbian couple who got engaged online. He drags the rest of the staff along for the ride as he plans a cat-themed extravaganza for the women, who are super users of the site.