Anne Burrell, Food Network's first openly gay chef to host his/her own show, has said her being gay should not be an issue.

The 43-year-old Burrell, who hosts Secrets of a Restaurant Chef and also appears on Worst Cooks in America and Iron Chef America, in May told The New York Post's Page Six that she is currently dating a woman, marking the first time she has publicly discussed her sexual orientation.

Burrell made the statement after Food Network personality Ted Allen, who is openly gay, inadvertently outed her during a radio interview.

Citing unnamed sources, Page Six reported that Burrell's girlfriend is another top James Beard Award-winning chef and that Burrell appeared alarmed when she learned of Allen's comments.

In an interview with food website The Braiser, Burrell said her sexuality is “not a public thing.”

“I don't see why it should be an issue,” Burrell said. “I've worked really hard for my whole life and who I go to bed with at night should never be an issue. It's a private thing, it's not a public thing. And it doesn't excel or diminish anything I've done professionally. To me, it should never be an issue. It should never even be brought up.”

When asked her feelings on claims the network is purposely not highlighting LGBT chefs, Burrell said: “I don't think it should matter. I don't think that it should purposefully be dismissed or embraced. People are who they are. Accept everybody for who they are, rise above it and get past it. It doesn't need to be an issue.”