The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is donating another $1 million to four gay marriage campaigns.

HRC, the nation's largest gay rights advocate, announced the commitment on Friday.

The group will split $950,000 “fairly evenly” between the four states, an HRC spokesman said.

Maine, which is looking to become the first state to legalize gay nuptials at the ballot box, will receive $225,000. Organizers in Washington state, where Referendum 74 seeks to uphold a gay marriage law approved by lawmakers, will also receive $225,000.

In Maryland, two groups fighting for passage of Question 6, which would uphold a marriage equality law approved by lawmakers, will evenly split $300,000. Marylanders for Marriage Equality and the NAACP Maryland Marriage PAC will each receive $150,000.

And HRC will direct $200,000 to Minnesota's campaign to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment which would define marriage as a heterosexual union. Opponents of gay nuptials claim the amendment is necessary to ensure marriage equality is not legalized through the courts or the Legislature.

“Our adversaries have bragged that marriage equality has never won at the ballot box,” HRC President Chad Griffin said in a statement. “This November, we will take that talking point away once and for all. In 2012, fair-minded Americans – and particularly residents of Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington – will support their LGBT friends, family members and coworkers.”

HRC has given $4.4 million to marriage initiatives during this election cycle.