Two-time Olympian Johnny Weir says there is no set of circumstances under which he would take a vow of celibacy.

With a second season of Be Good Johnny Weir playing on all-gay cabler Logo and a recent return to competitive figure skating, Weir is back in the headlines – and being asked some very personal questions by fashion glossy Vanity Fair.

Among those are: where did he lose his virginity – at a hotel in Boston – and what is his favorite cocktail when he's happy – Chablis – and when he's upset – again, Chablis.

“Over the weekend,” he answered to a query on when he told his first lie.

“I pretended not to speak English,” he added.

Weir included an “I heart [Victor] Voronov,” his lawyer husband of nearly 1 year, and an “I heart Tema,” the couple's dog, in a doodle intended to illustrate his current state of mind.

And when asked, “Under what circumstances would you take a vow of celibacy?” Weir answered: “Never, None, Not Applicable.”