Rick Santorum has made the dubious claim that ousting Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins could lead to reversing a gay marriage law.

Conservatives angry at the state Supreme Court's unanimous 2009 ruling which brought gay marriage to the Midwest have targeted Wiggins for ouster. In 2010, voters axed three judges from the bench. The remaining three justices are up for retention votes in 2016.

Last week, the “No Wiggins” campaign released its first TV ad.

In the ad, an announcer says, “We must hold David Wiggins responsible for redefining marriage and legislating from the bench.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Santorum, who lost the GOP presidential nominating contest to Mitt Romney, told a crowd gathered at a “No Wiggins” bus tour stop that removing Wiggins could lead to ending marriage equality in the state.

“Now you have an opportunity to tip the balance with a fourth justice and an opportunity to even reverse this horrific decision,” Santorum said.

However, there is no case challenging the decision wending its way to the state's high court.

Reversing the law would require passage of a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a heterosexual union. The earliest such a measure could reach the ballot box is 2015. According to a Des Moines Register poll released in February, already a majority (56%) of Iowans oppose an amendment banning gay marriage.