Emmy nominated Meredith Baxter narrates a documentary exploring a 2009 police raid on a gay bar in Fort Worth, Texas.

The June 29 bar raid on the Rainbow Lounge resulted in the arrests of six people for public intoxication and sent one man, Chad Gibson, to the hospital with a severe head injury.

The raid sparked a loud outcry from the city's gay and lesbian community, which called the raid police harassment. A police report which suggested officers and agents turned violent because they faced sexually aggressive patrons – a claim eye-witnesses denied – and an initial icy “take a deep breath” response from Police Chief Jeff Halstead exacerbated the situation.

In Raid of the Rainbow Lounge, director Robert L. Camina traces what went wrong that night and documents the lessons learned in the months that followed.

“I think it's important for people to realize that events like what happened at the Rainbow Lounge are still happening in our lifetime,” Camina said. “This is the kind of world members of the LGBT community are forced to live in: a world flourishing with fear, homophobia and intimidation. However, in the wake of the raid, Fort Worth city leaders and members of the LGBT community ultimately took significant steps to create a better world for all its citizens.”

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The documentary premiered in March and continues to tour on the gay film festival circuit. A list of upcoming engagements can be found at the film's website.