Ty Burrell, who won an Emmy playing Phil Dunphy on ABC's Wednesday night comedy Modern Family, has credited the show's gay couple with advancing gay rights.

Mitch (played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) are one of the three couples at the center of the sitcom. They are raising their adoptive daughter Lily.

“I have family members that I don't necessarily need to name, that felt one way [about gay rights] five years ago and feel a different way now,” Burrell told The Hollywood Reporter. “And I do really think that has something to do [with seeing] gay people living the same lives as everybody else. And I think that, sort of weirdly enough, that banality, is revolutionary.”

“Just seeing Mitch and Cam dealing with the kid trying to sleep, trying to figure out how to dress them for Halloween, fighting about who's the breadwinner. Everything is, other than a few small things, is essentially the same.”

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