MassResistance founder Brian Camenker has accused the FBI of being an “out homosexual organization.”

Camenker, a leading anti-gay figure in Massachusetts, made his comments during an appearance on Crosstalk.

“It's unbelievable,” Camenker said on the radio program. “The FBI is just unbelievable to see. They have started a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender program on their careers website. And they apparently have even gone from there to embracing the gay agenda, having a gay advisory committee, welcoming homosexuals as FBI agents, getting involved with pride events, but more than that going to gay pride events and encouraging homosexual activists to report hate crimes and working with them against pro-family groups. So this is what we're seeing the FBI doing according to their own writings and according to the writings of the gay newspapers. We have one on our website, one of the gay newspapers in San Francisco, 'FBI Encourages LGBTs to Report Hate Crimes,' it is very, very frightening to see. The FBI is very powerful and they can do a lot of damage if they are out to get you.”

“When an individual describes himself as being gay or lesbian, transgender or something, invariably that person is hostile to the pro-family position and is vigorous about pushing the entire agenda. We've seen that in the schools, we've seen that all over the place. We're really scared about the FBI being this out homosexual organization,” he added.

Before Mitt Romney became the GOP nominee for president, Camenker, acting as a surrogate for Rick Santorum, accused Romney of advancing gay marriage in Massachusetts.