A PepsiCo Russian subsidiary is being accused of promoting homosexuality to minors.

Anti-gay activists object to food and beverage giant Wimm-Bill-Dann's Jolly Milkman (which also translates to “gay milkman,” but is not a reference to homosexuality) marketing, which includes a colorful rainbow.

According to The Moscow Times, the St. Petersburg chapter of the group People's Council (Narodny Sobor) has filed a complaint with city officials. They accuse Wimm-Bill-Dann of violating a local ordinance which prohibits the “promotion of homosexuality to minors.”

“It [the rainbow] is the international symbol of the homosexual movement,” Anatoly Artyukh, head of the group, told Interfax on Friday. “I consider it to be blatant propaganda of vice.”

Wimm-Bill-Dann is Russia's largest food and beverage company. It was purchased by PepsiCo in 2010 for $3.8 million.

Reuters reported that the group is also planning protests against the company.

“In the near future we are planning to picket the shops and hand out leaflets informing people that the money they spend on this milk will be used to finance gay propaganda,” Artyukh is quoted as saying.