A proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in Minnesota is leading but not winning.

According to the Star Tribune Minnesota Poll, voters are statistically divided on the issue six weeks before the general election.

Among likely voters, 49 percent said they would approve the amendment which defines marriage as a heterosexual union, while 47 said they would not. Four percent said they were undecided.

“Right now, amendment supporters are leading but they are not winning,” said Patricia Lopez, Star Tribune political editor. “There's an interesting wrinkle in Minnesota's law. It says that you have to have 50 percent of all the ballots cast in the election. So, not just people voting on this amendment, but people voting on everything in November. And that means that if they come up with 49 percent on election day, they'll still lose.”

Pollsters, who interviewed 800 likely voters between September 17 and 19, found strong opposition for the amendment among Democrats (73%) and strong support among Republicans (78%).

More men (57% in favor, 39% opposed) support the measure than women (40% in favor, 56% opposed).

The survey also found that a large majority (58%) of respondents support recognizing gay and lesbian couples with civil unions, while 23 percent remain opposed.