Paris Hilton has issued an apology for calling gay men on Grindr “disgusting” and likely to have AIDS.

Hilton made her comments while speaking to a male gay friend in a New York City cab during Fashion Week earlier this month. The conversation was secretly recorded by the cab driver and released to the media.

“Say I log into Grindr, someone that's on Grindr can be in that building and it tells you all the locations of where they are and you can be like, 'Yo, you wanna fuck?' and he might be on like the sixth floor,” the male friend is heard saying.

“Ewww. To get fucked? Gay guys are the horniest people in the world. They're disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS,” Hilton responded. “I would be so scared if I were a gay guy. You'll like die of AIDS.”

On Thursday, Hilton apologized for her comments in a statement released through GLAAD.

“As anyone close to me knows, I always have been and always will be a huge supporter of the gay community. I am so sorry and so upset that I caused pain to my gay friends, fans and their families with the comments heard this morning. I was having this private conversation with a friend of mine who is gay and our conversation was in no way towards the entire gay community. It is the last thing that I would ever want to do and I cannot put into words how much I wish I could take back every word,” the hotel heiress said.

“HIV/AIDS can hurt anyone, gay and straight, men and women. It's something I take very seriously and should not have been thrown around in conversation.”

“Gay people are the strongest and most inspiring people I know. It is so wrong when people bully or put down others for being gay. No one should have to go through that. Again, I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart and I feel absolutely horrible. I hope that everyone can accept my apology and know that it is not who I am or how I feel in any way.”

GLAAD agreed with Hilton, saying “HIV/AIDS can affect anyone.”

“Over thirty years into the AIDS epidemic, better education around HIV/AIDS is still needed by much of the public and the media,” the group said.