Dan Savage has described GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a homophobe.

Savage, a co-founder of the It Gets Better Project and editor of Seattle alternative The Stranger, made his comments during an appearance on cabler Current's Say Anything.

“Is Mitt Romney really anti-gay or just 47 percent anti-gay?” guest host John Fugelsang asked.

“I think he's 100 percent anti-gay,” Savage answered. “I don't make a distinction between an honest bigot and a dishonest bigot. The bigotry is just the same.”

Savage went on explain that his father has previously argued that Republican politicians such as George Bush and now Mitt Romney don't really hate gay people.

“I always tell him that whether someone punches you in the nose because they really hate you or they punch you in the nose because they want to impress people who hate you, you still have broken goddam nose.”

“His policies are homophobic and by my estimation that man is a homophobe,” Savage added. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)