Singer Vicci Martinez is calling on Washington state voters to uphold a gay marriage law approved by lawmakers.

The 27-year-old Martinez made her plea in a 30-second video for Washington United for Marriage, the coalition of groups working to approve Referendum 74 on November 6.

In the video, Martinez said she supports passage of Referendum 74 because “I believe that everybody deserves equal rights and everybody should be able to marry whoever they want.”

“Love is love and it doesn't matter what gender we are,” she added. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Martinez, a Tacoma native, came to national attention as one of four openly gay contestants on the first season of NBC's talent contest The Voice. She came in third overall, and went on to sign with Universal Group. A fifth contestant, 33-year-old Frenchie Davis, has since also come out gay, saying she previously identified as bisexual.